STOP before you run away!
This site isn't just for Mitchells.
It also contains all the other branches of my family history as well.
My other main names are:-
  • Tuckers (350)
  • Holness (103)
  • Welton (105)
  • Harris (73)
  • Smith (170)
  • Spearman (46)
  • Gittins (51)
Plus many others.


Since January 2011 when we passed the 10,000th Mitchell/Michell and variations on this site, we have added another 2,400 up to end of December 2013.


If you have connected with any Mitchells on these pages, let me know and I can probably connect you to distant cousins. I would love any Mitchell additions you might have.


Remember to look for all variations of Mitchell.
For example Michell, Mitchel, Mychell and even Muchel.
In Cornwall, especially, they tended to drop the "t" (or never had it).
m%%chel will cover all the variations on my site i:e. % is the wild card


Registered guests may login here to view living persons. I do however normally only grant this facility if you have contributed your own section of a tree.


Regular visitors to this site over the last months (December and January) will have noticed considerable disruption.
This was, in part, due to the terrible weather we have been having which caused power disruption to the server location. There were other causes as well including an upgrade to the TNG software (The Next Generation) from ver. 8 to ver. 9.
I made a rare executive decision in January to move the site to a new server.
This was accomplished at the end of January when the site has again been off the grid.
I THINK it is now back in full working order.
PLEASE, if you find any broken links, there are bound to be some, dont grumble about the webmaster but tell me so I can fix it.
If you find any other issues, again, please tell me.
I hope you find that the new version of TNG is better and that the new hosting by 123-reg is more reliable and should be faster.

Latest update 13th February 2014

A new ver. 10.0.0 of TNG has just been released and I am pleased that this site has now been upgraded to the new version.
I'm not sure that you will notice any difference as I think its more to do with viewing on mobile phones etc.
If you are really interested you can read the TNG blog

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